Eastern Theological Seminary – Catalog 2015-2018



IMG_7294_webGeneral Education Studies provides a basic genre relative to life-long skills and personal development including the appropriate use of oral and written English, and overview of historical and current events, a basic knowledge of mathematical applications, and basic knowledge of computer usage, an appreciation for cultural values and diversity, and a comprehensive understanding of human development, social institutions and the impact of society, IMG_7292_webEastern Theological Seminary has developed a core of classes, seminars and internships that will provide its students with a holistic approach to knowledge which will give students academic, cultural and personal resources to enhance a more skillful and effective Christian ministry.



  • To communicate effectively in speech and writing, demonstrating skills such as creative expression, exposition and argumentation.
  • To think critically, logically and constructively as the student interprets and evaluates experiences, literature, language and ideas.
  • To be able to utilize the computer to facilitate day-to-day operations,    communications and expanded research.
  • To cultivate knowledge of other cultures and an appreciation of diversity
  • To be exposed to a variety of cultural experiences and sensitivities while enhancing creativity.
  • To provide an understanding of other institutions, agencies and organizations as they impact society.

General Education Studies Curriculum

Subject Class Description Academic Credits
GE – Freshman Seminar 100 Orientation, Personal Assessment, Time Management and study Skills 1
GE – Personal Development 101 Assist Building, Financial Literacy, And Personal Marketing 1
English 101 Composition 3
English 102 Composition 3
English 201 Literature 3
Math 101 Basic Mathematical Applications 3
Math 102 Algebra 3
Computer Science 101 Basic Skills Applications 3
Computer Science 201 Research Applications and Usage 3
Communications 201 Public Speaking 3
Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Sociology 201 Community Development & Outreach Initiatives (Internship) 3
Education 201 Human Growth and Development 3
Fine Arts 201 Cultural Enrichment: A Liberal Arts Approach 3
Business 200 Leadership Development, Administrative Techniques, Strategic Planning and Best Practices 3

SENIOR YEAR – First Semester

Subject Class Description Academic Credits
NT 401 Introduction to New Testament I 3
TH 403 Introduction to Systematic Theology I 3
CH 403 History of Afro-American Baptist 3
RE 405 Comparative Religions 3
PC 401 Pastoral Care 3

SENIOR – Second Semester

Subject Class Description Academic Credits
NT 402 Introduction to New Testament II 3
TH 403 Introduction to Systemic Theology II 3
CH 404 Baptist Doctrine, Polity, & Practice 3
RE 409 Planning a Year of Preaching, Marriage Counseling, Professional Institute 3


Administrative Leadership

Subject Class Description Academic Credits
AL 200 Church Business Management I 3
AL 201 Church Business management II 3
AL 350 Systems Approach of Ministers 3

Church History

Subject Class Description Academic Credits
CH 301 Church History I 3
CH 302 Church History II 3
CH 310 History of Christianity in the U.S. 3
CH 312 African-American Religious Experience 3
CH 320 History of Baptists 3
CH 321 Baptist Doctrine, Polity, and Practice 3

Church Education

Subject Class Description Academic Credits
RE 304 Church Music Seminary 3
RE 329 Methods of Teaching in the Church 3
RE 330 Teaching Children 3
RE 332 Teaching Youth 3
RE 334 Teaching Adolescents 3
RE 335 Teaching Young Adults 3
RE 336 Teaching Adults 3
RE 337 Teaching of the Bible With Children 3
RE 338 Teaching in the Sunday School 3
RE 339 Ministry With Single Adults 3


Subject Class Description Academic Credits
ET 312 Christian Ethics 3
ET 315 Biblical Ethics 3